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BF Train 4 Life has helped over 500 facilities  find, train , and hire credentialed, qualified child care workers. Our teachers have over 20 years of experience in each field.. Our programs will walk you through the process of hiring your child care worker and building a credible employee roster. Our program will  help you avoid hiring individuals that are not qualified and have no intention of long term employment . Our program also protects you from individuals with a questionable employee file's, Our goal is to help you prevent losses and interactions with individuals that have malicious intentions towards your business. California is a state that has laws to protect the employee only, employers are stuck with an employee regardless of their extremely poor performance, and or if there are seedy. 

BF Train 4 life can protect you the employer from these nightmares. 

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

The mission of BF Train 4 Life is to educate each facility that strives to build a solid future. Bf Train 4 life has the experience and resources to help each facility build a trusted faculty in 30 days. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Bf Train 4 Life is a training facility that has all the information you will need to finding trust worthy faculty.  Our Goal here at Bf Train 4 Life is to ensure that every facility is fully staffed with the right employees. Do struggle any more to find the best candidate for your facility. 

Build your Buisness Today 

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