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EDD / H.R. / TAXES !

Bf Train 4 Life will walk you through the proper way to set up your business plan and financial portfolio from the very start. This will be your business model

Bf Train 4 Life will prevent any future losses for your business and show you how to build a business thats pandemic proof. EDD is an entity that a disgruntled employee will use to dismantle your business name and your Buisness finances. Do not hire any employees until you take this course offered by Bf Train 4 life.

EIN - Employer Identification Number do you need one before opening your business ? It depends ! this class will ensure you're not making mistakes or moving in the wrong direction.

Buisness License each city has their own set of rules and requirements. This is super important to acquire before signing the lease to your commercial property.

Human Resources

Human Resources: Before hiring your first employee you must have a design in place of whom will over see all things employees, tracking PTO, Holiday pay, or day to day schedule management. This is the first most stressful task once your business begins to grow. Bf Train 4 life can be hired to manage your team and ensure your employees are covered during last minute call outs.

Payroll Program - Bf Train 4 Life has a few courses that will train the owner how to set up the foundation for your business finances and payroll system.

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